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Sony AssuranceConducted a questionnaire survey on the drive with the pet dog,It seems that "Alphard" was chosen for the overall car No. 1 you want to ride with your dog. Also, as a function we want when riding with a pet dog, about 60% is "indoor deodorant function", about 50% is "water repellent (sheets) sheet" and a pet dog who needs something related to sanitary / hygiene He also knew that he was a lot.

I asked if my dog ​​had a seatbelt or not. As a result, the percentage of respondents who answered "I'm wearing them every time" is about 13%, while those who do not know the presence of a seatbelt for dogs are close to 40% It seems obvious that it is not interested in the safety of pet dog when accident occurred.

So, tomorrowMarch 12. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on March 12th one year ago.

Astonishing movie realizing the ultimate ultra high speed system with 24 SSDs - GIGAZINE

It turned out that the female athlete who won in many tournaments was actually a man - GIGAZINE

Please remember what happens if this toilet is used by non-cafe guests - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Men's high school student in Akita, why do not you wear a coat and question it ... - Society(Fashion, the main reason is "because parenthesis is bad")

How to sit less drunk | nanapi [Nanapi](Memo, how to sit down to improve liver metabolic ability to avoid drunk)

NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): iron ore, Brazilian resource giant will raise the price by 90%(Economy, the highest value in the fiscal year 2008 was due to the increase in steel demand in China, but it is higher than that)

【2ch】 New Speed ​​Quality: Where is the emotion to save "erotic picture" on the PC? Because it is useless ←(PC, it seems to disappointing to hide more)

Suicide student suicide at internet cafe Umeda temporarily evacuated with hydrogen sulfide detection - MSN Sankei News(In case of suicide hanging hanging in a shower room, hydrogen sulfide was not at a level affecting the human body)

Advertise on the blog, advertisement clarification is posted on the advertisement industry guidelines (1/3 page) - MSN Sankei News(To establish guidelines for net service, word-of-mouth marketing)

To Shin Bankruptcy Application, Inc. | Tokyo Shoko Research: Bankruptcy Information (Quick News) Details(Manufacturers focused on games, Nintendo DS and Wii went bankrupt)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Hope retirement rush, double the assumption Kintetsu Department Store 7.8 billion yen accidental loss - business · economy(Economy, due to the birth of a department store with a sales floor space of approximately 100,000 square meters in the spring of 2014)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Donation" to Medical Education Doubles in 20 Years - University with Registration Restrictions also - Medical / Health(Society, older people offering donation because there are no relatives)

Finally "Chaku-Uta" is also reduced by 20% - Shibuya Yoichi's "President is a painful" | Blog | RO 69 (Aaru Rock) - Music information site of rocking on(Does the appearance of music, free games, etc. are releasing paid contents to death?)

"A female manga artist advocates the law of a beautiful person so that he draws his / her self-portrait in deformed or ubiquitous". : Alfalfa mosaic(Photographs of manga, CLAMP · 羽 海 野 チ カ, Aki Nishimata, Anoyo moyoko etc.)

Hiroko Araki CELEBRATES ♪! It is!(Manga, "go to Kishin Dainu Louvre" starts publishing 3rd successively from Ultra Jump April issue released on March 19)

VIPPER I: A problem that softens your head(There's a story, a serious answer and a neta reply)

"100 Yen Beer" Industry Taboo Wall Thick Suntory and Ion Breakdown Inner (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News(Food, old trading practices are the cause of censoring, no matter how you look)

Oizumi "I will ride on Bulwa Eva" Blowing speed - VIP(Story, high brain regeneration rate)

Bunkyo Ward breed school holiday: declared on Twitter, "I am enjoying parenting" - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shinbun)(It says that the top implies that there is no carrier loss due to acquisition of childcare leave, society)

Current affairs dot: Panasonic releases 3D TV with rice = partnership with major consumer electronics retailers(Home electronics, it will be released in Japan in April)

Polyphenols in coffee, why did you understand now? (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(Food, coffee seems to be about half in polyphenol intake per day in Japan)

Finally the cast of "Monster Kun" announced! Special makeup image is the topic on the net | Back art(Entertainment, the quality that makes me wonder why he appointed Ohno of Storm to Monster Kun)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Japan's most beautiful frog, Amami crying for courtship "Kyoto" - Society(Creatures, thinking what "kyoto" is, and the sound of the natural treasure Ishikawa frog)

To the exhibition with that kernel doll, Kenta near Koshien: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Can you win the society by "kernel protection" instead of "kernel curse"?)

Street view Expands to 21 prefectures including Tohoku and Kita Kanto · MSN Sankei news(32 facilities including internet service, cultural property, university and entertainment facilities are added)

"The adult's developmental disorder" can not work though it has excellent grades The truth of the rapid increase | Otona who withdraws | Diamond Online(Society, even if there is outstanding talent, balance as human beings is lacking)

A reasonable drive situation in the US - Slashdot Japan(Memo, frequently perform rapid acceleration / sudden braking which is impossible in Japan)

Toilet bag with biodegradability and sterilization performance "Peepoo" - Slashdot Japan(Toilet, after tying and filling it in soil, urea crystals will decompose excrement into fertilizer and germs contained in excrement will be sterilized)

2060 billion yen - Film box office revenue (2009) "Anxious number" | Life | Toyo economy of investment · economy · business online(Films and Japanese movies renewed their highest record at 117.3 billion yen, while foreign films also increased by 12.3% to 88.7 billion yen)

Kernel command using Linux system call(IT, detailed explanation of Linux system · call interface (SCI))

PHP, Perl, Ruby, C, C ++ and more than 40 languages ​​can be run in the browser jQuery plugin "Run This": development diary of phpspot(It is possible to move the part described by the code in the IT, the browser as it is on the spot)

Are you satisfied with your current salary? Office · Honne to the future 【18】 - OZmall(Note, honne to the office is obscured from salary circumstances)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Osaka test, Mr. Konosuke's utility model description taken in a question - Society(Note that all candidates were judged to be correct as 14 questions were accepted because there was a question which did not have the option to be correct answer to the question of Osaka Examination 2 grade)

Renewal of Hankyu Corporation, station clerk and crewmen's uniform - at the centenary of business opening - Umeda Keizai Shimbun(Unifying the uniform design of railway and men's and women's, pointed to Maroon and Gray which is Hankyu's vehicle color with black keynote)

"Olympic hockey" gold medal "stick, discovery for the first time in 10 days | speech of the world | Reuters(Sports, baseball home run balls etc are sometimes traded at high prices, but this stick will be exhibited at the Hall of Fame in Hockey)

"I win over major withdrawal routes" - Overcoming the collapse, "growing secret" of the growing Eduard - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Economy, from this time of Air Du who once took over the growth trajectory due to the alliance with ANA although the bankruptcy of management)

World leader number, Bill Gates second place GREE President Tanaka ranks in - ITmedia News(Memo, 1st place is Mexican communication king "Carlos Slim Hell")

"ONE PIECE" The latest 57 volumes reached 1.69 million copies, the first volume exceeded the record for the first week of actual sales 1st place News - ORICON STYLE -(Manga, more than 300,000 copies over 13.44 million copies of 56 volumes

I do not care about cold! Ice cake want to eat in winter | Research rTYPE [eye share](25.8% of people "often have a desire to eat ice confectionery in the winter")

"VOCALOID aims for more than substitution for human beings" Developers speak - ITmedia News(The goal is to make it possible for people to choose VOCALOID from software)

【Fukushima prefecture departure sign】 Tigerya Masayuki Heavy will not disappear Takoyaki store (1 / 6page) - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)(Food founded at the age of 72, now pointed out that "lacking in Japan is" enthusiasm for establishment ")

Uncertain cash 2.7 billion yen "Tansu deposit" ... Accountability to Mr. Ozawa - MSN Sankei News(Politics, the amount that can not fit unless it is a rather large size)

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