Summary of the 82 th Academy Award-winning work roughly understand what kind of content is summarized

Local time On March 7, the 82nd Academy Awards ceremony was held. Two of "Avatar" and "Heart · Rocker" were nominated for the most nine divisions, and each director was attracted attention by being a former couple such as James Cameron and Kathryn Bigrow, but in the end, "Heart · Rocker" Achievement of 6 crown such as work prize, director's awards. "Avatar" became three crowns of photography effect, editing, and art.

Some of the award-winning works are currently being screened, but there are works that have already been published or not yet published in Japan. Therefore, I tried collecting information so that it could be conveyed even a bit what kind of work it is.

Hurt Locker (Original title: The Hurt Locker)

"Heart · Rocker" depicting the activities of the American military explosives processing group was nominated for nine sectors which are in line with "Avatar" at this Academy Awards, among which the award ceremony other than the work prize including the work prize was directed by the director award (Kathryn Vigloe), Screenplay Award (Mark · Ball), Editing Award (Barry · Akroid), Acoustic Editing Award (Paul NJ Otsson), Recording Award (Paul NJ Otson, Ray Beckett).

In Japan, it has been released on 46 screens nationwide mainly from TOHO Cinemas since March 6.

Avatar(Title: Avatar)

It is a movie that James Cameron took for the first time in 12 years since "Titanic", 14 years of concept and 4 years of filming. Box office income was the best everI surpassed "Titanic" and ranked first in historyIt is also a huge hit movie. "Titanic" won 11 sectors, which is the largest in the history of the Academy Awards, but "Avatar" was awarded the Fine Arts (Rick Carter, Robert Stormberg, Kim Sinclair), Photography Award (Mauro Fiore), Visual Effect Award (Joe Letteri, Steven Rosenbaum, Richard Beneham, Andrew R. Jones).

It has been open to the public since December 23, 2009 in Japan, yetWatching on numerous screenscan.

Crazy Heart(Title: Crazy Heart)

From "Crazy Heart" Jeff Bridges won the Best Actor Award, "THE WEARY KIND (The Weary Kind)" shined a song award. It is a human drama that depicts a falling country singer standing up again as a result of encountering a female journalist and is the first director of Scott Cooper. "THE WEARY KIND" is under construction and Colin · Farrell is singing.

Although the release schedule in Japan was undecided, it was decided to be released in the 20th century FOX distribution.

Hideaway place of happiness(Title: The Blind Side)

Sandra Bullock received the leading actress award. I draw a bond between a black boy who has talent from American football who can not study but a woman who became a guardian of him. It became the real story which depicted NFL rookie player Michael Orr from the birth to NFL joining.

From February 27thPublished on 42 screens nationwideIt is being done.

Inglourious Basterds

Although it was mentioned that Director Quentin Tarantino will remake the Italian movie "Hell Busters" in 1976, what was left of the name of "Busters" was the original work of Tarantino . The movie is a war movie drawn around the activity of the special unit "Inglourious Basterds" that infiltrates Germany during the Second World War and brings Nazis to the Blood Festival, so that Christoph Waltz performs his mission excellently and ruthlessly I played the Colonel Hans Randa of the Guard with the synonym of "Judea Hunter" and received a Supporting Actor Award.

It is sometimes referred to as a movie published on November 20, 2009 and already three months ago, and what is currently being screenedIizuka Cinema Centralonly. From March 20 to 26Waseda ShochikuSo, from May 1st to 7th MayShimotakaido cinemaScreening is planned for.


Clare Lease · Precious Jones is a 16 year old girl. Before her having a middle name of "love you" is a cruel reality that her father's son is in her stomach and her mother receives abuse. She is lamenting that "nobody loves me," but encounter with Rain's teacher at free school will change her. Monique who played Precious mother · Mary won the supporting actress award.

From April 24 in JapanScreened on 14 screensWill begin.

Carl 's flying home (Original title: Up)

Pixar · Animation · Studio"Carl 's flying flying house" won the long animated film award and composition award.

The Academy Award Nomination Commemoration 2-week Limited Triumphal Roadshow is held on 50 screens nationwide until March 12.

Victoria Queen century love(Original title: The Young Victoria)

Sandy Powell of "Queen Victoria's Centennial Love" depicting the figure of Queen Victoria of the 19th century when England was at its height at the height of the costume design award. This will be the third award.

Screen shows are being held at Cinemart Roppongi, Cinemat Shinsaibashi, Warner · Mycal · Cinemas Tama Center, Just Cinema Wakayama, Denkikan, Screening on Cineplex Ogura and Yokohama Cinemarin on 13th and 14th. It seems that it is almost finished in 14th.

The Cove(The Cove)

"The Cove" on the theme of dolphin fishing performed in Japan received the long documentary award. The stage of this movie is in Taiji Town, Wakayama Prefecture, taking a hidden shot lurking in a place designated as a no-entry area, taking a picture by using a remote control plane in trouble with locals became.

It is published in Australia in 2009, and it is scheduled to be released in early summer even in Japan.

Music by Prudence(Music by Prudence)

"Music by prudence" that won the short documentary award. A documentary co-produced by America and Zimbabwe, depicting the half-life of Mr. Prudence who has been deposited with his mother's parents' house because he was born with disabilities "he is a child of a curse".

DVD will be released in the spring of 2010. There is no schedule for theatrical release in Japan.

The secret behind the eyes(Title: El Secreto De Sus OJos)

"Secret behind the pupil" that won the Foreign Language Film Award for Argentine movie for the first time. In Argentina, of course, it was a huge hit, and at the Spanish film festival, we were nominated for 10 divisions, etc. We also decided to release in Japan in response to this award.

Star Trek

The eleventh work "Star Trek" which made masterpiece SF "Star · Trek" a movie with latest technology won a make-up prize.

DVD released on May 23, 2009, DVD & BD on November 6.


"Logorama" won the short animated film award. It is a work produced with the spending six years, and it is a wonderful movie in various ways that characters such as Donald (McDonald) and Bivendam (Michelin) are unlicensed and swinging in the city made of corporate logo.

There is no particular plan to release in Japan.

The New Tenants(The New Tenants)

The short film live-action film award is "The New Tenants". There is no plan to release this movie in Japan either.

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