In contemporary African tribal conflict everyone wears clothes and fights with bows and knives

In the recent war, there are many cases where the battle is over before the soldiers see each other's face by evolution of missiles and other remote attacking methods, but in Africa we used bows and knives A close fight like washing blood with blood is still going on.

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AFP: A war of bows and arrows in the heart of Kenya's crisis

Kenyan Tribes Wage a War With Bows and Arrows - Photo Essays - TIME

This battle is said to have issued more than 1,500 deaths after the 2007 presidential election "Crisis in KenyaIn the middle of Masai and the Karenzin people were done.The marathon national player of the country is killed by poisonous arrows etc.There are also records that a rather orbitous riot has occurred, but this battle seems to have been done in a way of war based on tradition.

The stage of the battle was the Omerrill Valley in Masai Mara National Reserve Transomara State.

Masai warrior preparing weapon.

Masai 's man instructing the fight. By tradition, the fight starts with dawn and ends with sunset.

A Maasai warrior sending an arrow across the Olmer Valley. Basically all men participating in the village participate in battle directly, the woman seems to do the guard.

According to local police, it is very rare for bow and arrow to be used for hunting. He told me that he recently noticed that it is more powerful than the Macheette (Yamato) and it is effective as a weapon of weapons.

Surprisingly it seems that close combat is hardly done, but whether it is danger or not is a different story. Some warriors have arrows stuck in their faces.

Not only bows and machetes,SlingThe throwing stones are also weapons.

The Karenzin man says, "I believe it is right to fight on the battlefield, I will not fight at night, the night fight is not good."

There are cases where there are acquaintances among each other's tribes, and if you find someone in your opponent, you move the battlefield so that you do not have to fight each other. In addition, dialogue and negotiations are continuing during such conflict, and it is said that text messages are being exchanged by mobile phones considerably frequently. It also seems to share information such as the time of the next raid.

Return home when the sunset.

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