I tried staying at a business hotel "Dormy Inn Suidobashi" with a hot spring of carbonated spring in the basement

When I thought about taking a hotel around Shinjuku, there are no vacancies already, and when I look for vacancies it is almost the only hotel outside the Yamanote line .... I found this "Daumiin Aqueduct Bridge Carbon spring artificial hot spring music". It is near the Suidobashi station of JR · Toei Mita line, near the Tokyo Dome and Tokyo Dome City, the biggest characteristic is that there is a carbonated spring artificial hot spring. Sometimes I became a contractor in the interview, and I sometimes thought that entering a hot spring was not bad, I tried staying.

Details are as below.
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This place is around here.

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The nearest station is Suidobashi Station of the Mita line of the Toei. It is close to Tokyo Dome and Tokyo Dome City in less than a 5-minute walk.

I will turn to the left while I go up to Ichi-zaka towards Hongo Street.

This is the hotel of interest, Dormy Inn Suidobashi.

Whether vacant rooms are present in front of the hotel, it may be helpful for people looking for hotels without reservation.

I will check in immediately and head to the standard single room.

The door key is not a card key type but an ordinary key.

I will go into the room.

It is almost invisible to see what is inside the room. It is quite narrow as a room.

Looking back at the entrance side from the back of the room, it looks like this.

Lighting is not indirect lighting, but ceiling fixed fluorescent light is the main.

The bed fits perfectly. A satisfactory level if you stayed for bed only.

It's like this around the table.

It may be small to do a bit of work. It is necessary to successfully remove the hairdryer and tea set and make space.

The TV is a small but thin flat-screen TV.

There is a LAN port near the back of the TV. Cables are provided in the drawer of the table.

The chair has a lower backrest. Because the cushion is thin, it may be better to lay another cushion when sitting for a long time.

There is a refrigerator under the TV.

If it is a 500 ml plastic bottle, it can be put in size for putting up two or put it down. It will be impossible to reach a size of more than 1.5 liters.

It is likely to misunderstand that it is a cold storage because it is not cold when opened, but there is a switch in the refrigerator.

A closet is not provided, but the gap between the table and the wall is a hanger space to hang the coat etc.

Shoehorns and deodorants are also available here.

I opened the curtain, but I can not enjoy the view because there is a building next door.

The bedside pillowbag has everything you need.

There are a total of 4 outlets around here. In addition to PC, it is very helpful to think about using it for charging mobile phone and charging battery of camera.

Incidentally, there are also two outlets at the foot of the table. I do not think I will use all six in total, but I am thankful than not enough.

Air conditioning is not central control, but a type that can set temperature individually.

The unit bus is quite normal.

Wash basin.

Various amenities.

It is unusual to have small clothes.

The bathtub is like this.

If you are a big person you may feel narrow.

However, the characteristic of this hotel is that there is a carbonated spring hot spring called "Easy hot water". Apart from those who just can not come out of the room by work, I recommend going to a hot spring rather than a bath in the room.

The hot spring is located on the basement level 1.

A vending machine that sells a cup of bathing. Should I put my hand on my back and drink bottled milk? Or it might be fruit milk, coffee milk.

It was unmanned because we went early in the morning, but when 7 o'clock or 8 o'clock, many people come in to enter the morning bath. It was quite spacious and very comfortable to be thought of as a business hotel in the Yamanote line. It was a bit cold this day, but as I soaked in the carbonated spring, I was saved a lot from inside my body.

This time we stayed in this room for 8000 yen. As I saw in the photo, the room size is for one person to sleep, the bathroom in the room is not big, it is not suitable for sitting slowly and working. However, since the hot springs are spacious and relaxing, there is no problem if you warmly warm your body and get tired and go straight to the bed.

In addition to Suidobashi Station on the Toei Mita Line, Suidobashi Station on JR Chuo Line, Korakuen Station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Namboku Line are well within walking distance, so it is also quite useful when heading somewhere on the next day. Although it is close from the station, it is a slightly strange location on the slope, so it may be a bit of a challenge to go out to eat and go to a convenience store after checking in. It is easier for me to stop eating beforehand or to buy it at a convenience store and get rid of it outside.

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