Literary version "Evangelion", it turns out that it was not in the store yet it is still under construction


As a joint project between Gainax and Weta workshop and ADV movie, it is the live-action version of Evangelion first published at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival, but after nearly seven years passed, the live-action version of Evangelion project was torn down I think that most people thought that it was going to be in the warehouse, but in fact it turned out that it was still under construction.

On the contrary, it seems to start as soon as next year.

Details are as below.
Producer: Live-Action Evangelion Project Still Active - Anime News Network

ByEl Fotopakismo

In ANN's podcast, the movie "Apple Seed" sequel "Exmakina" and KOF live-action movie version scheduled to be released in 2010 "The King of Fighters"(Trailer movie hereProducer Joseph Chow told me that the live-action version of "Evangelion" is still "very active."

According to Joseph Chow Producer, there are many paperworks to be solved, but "Once we resolve them, we will be able to move faster, so we decided that the Evangelion live-action version began in 2011 I hope to be able to do it. "

As a reason why it has not proceeded a long way ago, I mentioned the difficulty of selling the concept of film to the studio in Hollywood due to the complex nature of the story, "We are going beyond the whole" mecha impact " "It is with the producers and studios that I can understand," he says, "they are actually envisioning the future and have elements to appeal to geeks by adding dramas and human elements."

Also, as for the reason why the evolution of the Evangelion live-action version was stopped, due to the collapse of the overseas anime market (when selling overseas with subtitles attached to Japanese animated cartoons, already on file sharing software and video sharing website in Japan It is because it has been sold at all because enthusiastic fans who got the animation just after it opened the subtitle and released it) and for that reason the live action version "Evangelion" is about to enter the store He said that. But at this stage Joseph Chow producer took over the task on this live-action version to another Hollywood producer and studio.

By the way, although it has disappeared from official website, it is due to Weta workshop famous for VFX in charge such as "Lord of the Ring"Image board at the timeIt is like this.

No. 0 machine

Unit 0, bloody

Machine No. 2

Maintenance of Eva

A submerged city

New city

Gun for Eva

Base on which Eva sorts


Emergency mode of the Nerv · Control Center

Main Tower of Nerv · Control Room

First machine




First office?

Misato ......?

The feeling that the No. 2 machine overlooks the city

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