Three-dimensional art with transparency made with adhesive tape

Art work that formed jellyfish and people with transparent tape. Materials are transparent, expressions of light and so on are also made, and although it is a material in the surroundings, a somewhat reality scene has been created.

Details are as below.
The sticky stationery sculptures that tape creativity to new heights | Mail Online

A movie that explains how to make tape art. Basically, I wrap a tape once on a real object and remove it, making it taking shape.
Off the Roll Tape Sculpture Contest

Made by Annie K, a huge jellyfish trying to attract a bicycle.

Work by Scott M who reproduced the workplace from desk and PC to human beings.

A postman who sees the red heart transparently. Works by Joshua R.

It is a dragon that can not be made merely by wrapping the tape and removing it. Because it is an animal that does not exist, it seems to be difficult to think of each combination of parts, but wings and the like are well represented.

These will sell various tapesScotchApplied to the art work contest using tapes planned by the company, "We have established opportunities for creative expressions using unique materials through contests," Darrell CoutuScotch of Scotch says . Other tape works can be seen from the link below, and it seems that prizes are issued for excellent work.

Off the Roll Tape Sculpture Contest

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