New series for Gundam arcade, titled "Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus"

The new product for "VS. Series", an arcade series of Gundam head-to-head action was announced today at AOU 2010. There were no playable demo, but we got pretty interesting trailer, with new mobile suits.

Read on for detail.

A stage at their booth.

They had worked on this video till just the day before AOU.

Catch copy: "Ultimate Evolution"

Here's a demo video. The game is still under development, but there are plenty interesting information in the video.

Title logo.

Gundam wielding its beam saber.

God Gundam and Master Gundam exchange blow for blow.

RX-93 Nu Gundam and Sazabi.

Char's cutomised Gelgoog.

Their official Site got more description.
Mobile Suit Gundam New VS. Series

©Sotsu, Sunrise
©Sotsu, Sunrise, Mainichi Broadcasting

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