Severe survival training of US Marine Corps who eat scorpions and lizards and drink cobra's blood

MarinesSpeaking of trainingWhile singing "Ho Chi Min is a sanobabic" etc., Sergeant Ogre gets scoldedAlthough there may be an image such as an image, it is part of important training to acquire survival abilities that can raise food and supply energy in any situation at any moment.

We can not afford to starve to saying "You can not eat Geteono" when you are driven to the harsh conditions such as the Marine crew members who trimmed the body and mind to the limit, food runs out in the middle of the jungle and the desert in the actual war . That's why the joint military exercise being held in ThailandCobra Gold 2010"Survival training was conducted to eat frogs, scorpions, lizards and drink cobra's live blood.

Details are as below.* Please note that shocking images are also included somewhat.Scorpions, frogs, lizards: A military diet |

Refreshing News: Cobra Gold bushtucker trial: US Marines eat frogs, scorpions and lizards in jungle survival training

More than 14,000 military personnel from six countries of Thailand, the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Korea participate in the joint military exercise "Cobra Gold" held from Thursday, February 1st to 11th in Thailand However, jungle survival training to eat scorpions and lizardsThai Kingdom NavyWas conducted in the form of instructing the US Marine Corps.

US Marines to see how the instructors of the Kingdom of Thailand catch cobra with bare hands.

A Marine drinking cobra's blood.

It looks like an entrance ceremony of something secret society ... ....

It is a really refreshing smile. Basically, animal blood includes sugar, lipids, amino acids, proteins, etc., not only cobra, but it is a valuable nutrition source in survival.

I smell like a squirrelNoniA Marine who is made to eat the fruit.

Grill of scorpions and lizards.

A Marine to challenge a lizard.

It is a face that is putting scorpions in my mouth and is about to cry.

I will boldly attack from the head.

I do not think that "a face like biting an insect bites" refers to such a facial expression.

It seems like a fun barbecue scenery, but if you look closely you will find that it is part of the harsh training.

A Marine person who takes a frog and shows a smile. Frog meat is "It resembles chicken scissors, it is light and deliciousBecause it is said, it may have been looking forward to, or have eaten.

In addition, it seems that military training to eat snakes is being carried out also in Ranger course of the Ground Self Defense Force.

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