Practice of surgery with "organ" made real with 3D printer

3D printers are also active in the medical field,A project to output organs and parts of body by 3D printer based on human cells is in progressis. Artificial organs created with such 3D printers are not only developed as substitutes for real organs but also become practice bases for doctors to perform complex surgeries, medical students learn the structure of the human body It is also used to.

Creating the "Model Human" to Practice Surgery - Newsroom - University of Rochester Medical Center

3D Printed Organs Look, Feel and Bleed Like the Real Thing | Motherboard

For organs that are difficult to operate, you can practice surgery using artificial organs output with 3D printers. What is important in the practice of surgery using such an artificial organ is the touch of artificial organs. Currently, researchers from all over the world are using 3D printers to generate models of areas difficult to operate such as the brain, backbone, heart, etc. and try to use them for practice. It seems that artificial organs are made of sticky material and crushing material.

In a project called "Simulated Inanimate Model for a Physical Learning Experience (SIMPLE)" at the University of Rochester, artificial organs are made with hydrogel, and this artificial organ is finished like a real organ that bleeds when it cuts I will. Ahmad Gersy, associate professor at the Urology Department of the University of Rochester Medical Center for the SIMPLE project said, "Artificial organs that we are creating are resembling with real look and feel like real organs, actually adding hands There are things, medical students and surgeons will be able to perform realistic surgical simulation, "commenting on its significance.

The state of the surgical simulation using the artificial organ etc. actually outputted by the 3D printer can be seen in the following movie.

Simulated Surgery at URMC - YouTube

In some cases, it seems that it reappears up to the organ, skeleton, or nervous system of the patient, but by doing surgical simulation using artificial organ, "in which method the surgeon performed actually Is it possible to reduce the amount of bleeding? "Etc will be unraveled in practice. "The surgeon is exactly like a pilot.When the pilot first fly an airplane or when the surgeon performs a surgery for the first time, all treatment must be done alone. In the case of a pilot it takes a huge amount of time It is possible to train with a flight simulator that resembles the real world by spending it, but surgeons have not been able to train in a real environment similar to the actual situation so far. "With a 3D printer It suggests the possibility that the artificial organ you created will change that situation.

At the National Cardiovascular Research Center in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan,Cardiac model with 3D printerHas been made, which helps doctors practicing difficult surgical operations, for example. The three-dimensional model of the heart created with the 3D printer is simulated by the actual patient's heart using CT or MRI, and even when performing a difficult operation, surgery using a model close to the actual patient's heart It is possible to simulate. Also, Rochester University and the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases are not the only ones who use 3D printed artificial organs for surgical exercises. At the Cleveland Clinic in the USA, we simulate the operation of a surgical patient suffering from rare diseases using 3D printed artificial organs.

We are waiting for the appearance of 3D printed function organs that can be used by transplant surgical researchers at several hospitals.The National Institutes of HealthHas created various kinds of cardiac models as 3D printing and study materials for students. Mr. Garzie expresses the reason for creating an artificial organ with a 3D printer, "Surgery is like a box of Pandora, I do not know what the inside is like until opening the inside" .

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