A state where the bank clerk watches sexy images while skipping work is live broadcasted

When I did a live broadcast from the bank in the morning news program, it seems that the figure of the bank clerk who is watching the sexy image looking at the work is projected on the screen.

The principal himself does not notice that it is being relayed and continues to look at the picture looking pleasantly, but as soon as she notices that the appearance is reflected on the TV, it begins to panic.

Movie playback is from the following.
YouTube - Worker looking at nude photos in background (Miranda Kerr) - Seven News Update

The morning news program started as usual.

Because it became financial related news, live broadcast from the bank.

Pay attention to a man surrounded by a red circle that appears behind the reporter.

I wonder if I am doing my job ... ...

Sexy images are displayed on the screen of the personal computer.

Even if a colleague speaks to me, there is absolutely no such thing as to return it.

Then another picture.

Finally we are displaying a more bold image.

Finally I noticed that I was on TV.

It is the eye of the camera in full circle.

With feeling "Yaba !!", I returned to work with a feeling of attera.

This was broadcasted in Australia on the morning of February 2, local time, and the relay destination is the largest investment bank in AustraliaMacquarie Bank. It is hard to understand who is the image that was being reflected, apparentlyOrlando BloomFashion model that is said to be associating withMiranda carIt is said that it was.

After this, was there a warning from this boss from the boss?

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