Takanohana parent gathered 10 votes in the election of the Japan Sumo Association, elected, elected

Japan Sumo AssociationIt was revealed that Takanohana owner picked 10 votes and won the election.

The constant of the director was 10, which had been adjusted beforehand so much that it ended without voting, but this time for the first time in 8 years as a result of Takanohana ' Voting was done.

Details are as below.
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Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Takanohana Masakata, 10 votes to elect a director of the Association, Okushima Okamoto Opposition - Sports

There are 52 rooms in total in sumo wrestling, of which 51 rooms excluding the Takadagawa room are divided into five gates. In past elections, the directors were selected in a non-voting manner by adjusting the candidates in each one, but this time the Takanohana parent did not respond to the adjustment of the two places Nogai, and withdrew from the first gate I did a candidacy for him. Ten votes are said to be the winning line in the director's election, and Takanohana parents are seven men who support themselves, and it was anticipated a difficult struggle, but the result got 10 votes to win the prize .

In addition to Takanohana parents, the electoral lords of the North Lake (10 votes), Mutsumi Mutsu (10 votes), Masami Oriental (10 votes), Tokiwa Masakata (11 votes), two places Nogawao (11 votes), Kokonoe (10 votes), Miyoshi Tominaga (10 votes), Mr. Dassault Sea (10 votes). The defeat was Oshima Oriental, and the number of votes was 8 votes.

Regarding the election, Takanohana's parents talk as follows.

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I feel heavy pressure by having nine of the councilors (except himself) choose. I do not want to be ashamed of that name, I would like to complete the duties given under Mr. Musashiro.

Takanohana is a thoroughbred in the sumo world with his two fathers (former Ozeki Takano flower) as his father, and has set up a number of records since the introduction, aroused "Yokubo boom" in the early 1990s. After retirement, we inherit the two children 's rooms and train backwards as parents, but in 2005 we received strict attention as they made remarks that criticize the Sumo Association. About sumo wrestling in recent years,A case in which a young wrestler gets assaulted by seniors and parents and diesThere is a possession of cannabis and dark news stands out, so I want you to open the wind hole with that power.

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