Knockout movie collection reflecting the history of the world's strongest man Mike Tyson's fierce fight

Until a long time ago, when asked "What is the strongest man in the world?", I used to answer the boxing world heavyweight champion. However, in recent years,MMA fighting sportsAlong with the growing popularity, gradually the world's strongest man is no longer a boxer. This is probably the last boxer called the world's strongest man "Mike Tyson"The trajectory of glory" is a collection of movies that collected a small portion.

Mike Tyson Best Knockouts Collection 1080p HD 2013 - YouTube

◆ Progressive breakthrough from professional debut
Mike Tyson who grew up in New York · Brooklyn met boxing at a juvenile training school and bloom its talent. Name raku which found this gemstone of diamondKas · DematoWill be Tyson 's identity underwriter and will base their own boxing philosophy with sleeping together. Tyson, who is the right arm of Damato and his name trainer Kevin Rooney and his cock suddenly appeared as a supernova that appeared in the starless absence heavyweight gradually gathers attention throughout the United States.

Mr. Damato looks at Tyson who trains on the ring in the back. Right in the photo is Rooney, a trainer.

Tyson of 180 centimeters at the heavyweight crowded with a giant over 2 meters tall was a small boxer, but with unparalleled speed and preeminent head slip defense and punch force outside the standard one after another I will sink it in the mat.

The tempered body seems to be a sculpture. The nickname I got is "Iron Man".

Most of the knockout (KO) until becoming a heavyweight champion is one-pass.

An intense right hook that blows the opponent to the ropes.

Even with a left hook this street.

"Right upper cut" from "right body blow" which became pronoun of Tyson.

It is lucky to be KOed with a single blow. If it does not collapse, it is in a sand back state.

Ducking to lower the posture until grueling mat. Not only destructive power but also defense technology is first class.

I will run down to the heavyweight title match at once without leaving unbeaten, with the big guy knocked down one after another.

From the take of the world title to the unified champion

27 races 27 wins 25 KO The 28th round which greet unbeaten. Tyson in the first world heavyweight title match,Trevor BarbicKill 2 WT KO and win the WBC world heavyweight title. The youngest in history (20 years 5 months) will be the world heavyweight champion. By the way, the youngest record ever so far is the disciple of Damato, who is Tyson's senior sonFloyd PattersonIt was 21 years old 11 months.

Tyson, who became a world heavyweight champion,WBA,WBC,IBFWe will start a new fight to unify the world heavyweight title which had been divided into three major groups. March 7, 1987, WBA world heavyweight championJames SmithWinning 12R judgment in the unified game with the title of WBC · WBA and taking the title of WBA. 29 wins in 29 wins so far 26 KO undefeated.

In the 30th round, the former WBC world heavyweight championPincron ThomasI will sink it with 6R. 30 wins 30 wins so far 27 KO unbeaten.

And the 31st race we greeted, IBF world heavyweight championTony TuckerWinning 12R judgment on the unified game with the WBA · WBC · IBF title and finally unify the world heavyweight title. 31 wins 31 races thus far 27 KO unbeaten.

In the 32nd round, the Los Angeles Olympic Super Heavyweight Gold MedalistTyrell BiggsI kick it. 32 wins in 32 wins so far 28 KO unbeaten.

◆ Challenge to the legend

In the 1960s and 1970s,Mohamed Ali(Cassius · Clay),Joe Frazier,George Foreman,Ken Norton,Larry HolmesBy the so-called "Big Five", the heavyweight front was proud of the unprecedented popularity. But when Big Five members other than Holmes leave the ring, boxing fans' attention,Sugar Ray Leonard,Marvin Hagler,Thomas Hearns,Roberto Duran(Known as "golden middleweight") that has the highest level of quality.

However, Tyson, who succeeded in gathering boxing fans' eyes from heavyweight again from the golden middleweight with its overwhelming bang, will celebrate Ligue with Lively Holmes of Big Five at 33 rd . And, for seven years I will hit the former champion Homes who reigned as a heavyweight champion against the mat with a strong straight right to the 4R. 33 round 33 wins so far 29 KO unbeaten.

In the first race held at the Tokyo Dome shop, the former WBA world heavyweight championTony TabsTKO at 2R. 34 wins 34 wins to 30 KO undefeated so far.

The 35th race is a light heavyweight superstar with the experience of unifying all light heavyweight titles and defeating the heavyweight champion Larry Holmes then becoming a heavyweight championMichael SpinksWith the undefeated battle of the century. Winning KO in just 91 seconds,Pound for PoundTo the things that unhurt the seat of. 35 wins 35 wins so far 31 KO unbeaten.

However, Tyson, who is entering its peak year, is a big promoter forbidden to contact by DamatoDon KingWith the promotion agreement, I dismissed members of Team Tyson who inherits Damat's will, including Rooney of the base unit one after another, gradually the life in my life began to be disturbed, and from this time the amount of practice will also sharply decrease.

In the 36th race, I will carry the British expectations with my whole lifeFrank BrunoAlthough KO is done with 5R, you can see dangerous scenes such as being shaken by punching. Results up to this point 36 round 36 wins 32 KO unbeaten.

In the 37th race, I was proud that Tyson was overwhelmed by sparring in the amateur eraCarl Williams1 R 93 s, with a single left hook. 37 wins 37 wins 33 KO undefeated so far.

◆ Saturday

A moment of champion fall comes to Tyson who was proud of invincibility. On February 11, 1990, the stage was Tokyo Dome,James DouglasA battle with. Tyson keeps batting the left straight of Douglas from the opening stage, 8R decides the right uppercut of the resuscitate and takes down.

Everyone thought that Tyson 's reversal victory to Douglas which can not stand up even after 10 seconds, but the referee started counting in about 3 seconds from down. After this incident called "Long Count Incident", Tyson, who bathed 10 D with Douglas' intense punch, finally settled on Matt. The record of 38 wins 37 wins and 33 KO 1 losing so far.

Impact to the world shocked The opponent greeted for the first time after the defeat by defeat was Henry Tillman who lost in the final of the Los Angeles Olympics preliminary race preliminary competition but will pay 1 RTKO win with a right hook strike.

After that, Tyson will return to the heavyweight champion again, but the content of the game gradually lacks precision, and personal life is further disturbed such as rape incident and being arrested for being held in prison or beating assault. further,Evander HolyfieldIn the world heavyweight title match with, it will fall even in a boxing career, such as bashing the opponent's ears and losing the disqualification.

And on June 12, 2005, I abandoned the game on my own in a battle with an unnamed Kevin McBride and finally a period was struck by that wildest boxing life. The professional result was an ineffective game of 58 wins 50 wins 44 KO 6 losing 2.

The record of the struggle in the ring of the world's strongest man who is loved by boxing fans all over the world and nicknamed "Tetsujin" will continue to fascinate many people in the future and seems to be handed down forever I will.

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