Winners of "iida AWARD 2010" Cellphone Peripherals Design Contest

The winners of iida AWARD 2010 was announced today as well as the new handset lotta at KDDI's press event. The winners and selected nominees were on display.

Pics after the cut.
iida AWARD 2010 was a student contest themed on "LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS that bring fun to everyday life". LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS are cell phone peripherals that suggest new lifestyles, according to iida's website.

The winners and nominees were exhibited at Spiral Hall, Aoyama, where the press conference was held.

Three winners were chosen.

World of Alice AC adapter by Kento Imamura and Kimi Miyatake of Osaka City University Graduate School.

The cityscape changes each time you recharge your phone.

Must look lovely casting shadows on your nightstand.

Chocolate Cookie AC adapter by Masayuki Osumi from Kyoto University of Art and Design.

The cord can be wound and stored around the concave so that it doesn't get in the way. The constriction also makes the adapter easier to grasp, which makes it easier to remove from the wall socket.

The cord is made to look like melting chocolate.

Koyubito strap and digital contents by Ryo Nakagawa from Keio University and Ippei Iwahara from Chiba University Graduate School.

"Koyubito" is a combined word of "koyubi(pinky finger)" and "koibito(lovers)".

It comes from the Eastern belief that people destined to be soul mates are connected by the invisible "red string of fate" tied around their pinky.

From here on are the nominees that made it to the not-so-short shortlist.

"hanahira" is a blossom-shaped strap that blooms into a cellphone cleaner.

"in the kitchen" AC adapter.

"macal" cellphone cleaner kit.

Shaped like macaron.

Looks like something you'll find in a vanity box.

"Bloom" AC adapter slowly blooms while your cellphone charges.

Sakura motif.

"coin" display wiper.

The coin-shaped cleaner can be carried around in your wallet.

"Juwa Denwa" cradle/charger.

You can take the call without detaching it from the cradle.

"ANAMAL" earbuds.

It will look like tiny animals sticking their heads in or peeking out from your ear.

Birdies on the tree.

"sora to sora" (sky and space) AC adapter.

Tiny post-it strap "Mail no Fusenshi".

"Juden Jewelry" AC adapter.

"ALMO" is an album to keep your old cellphones as memorabilia.

"Kishimen" AC adapter.

"illuminate" to use your cell phone as lighting equipment.

"ribbon" AC adapter.

You can see other entries on the link below.

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