KDDI announce tomorrow the latest terminal of innovative design mobile phone "iida"

KDDI's "mobile phones" that have created numerous innovative mobile phones such as "INFOBAR", "talby" and "MEDIA SKIN"Au design projectIn April this yearIt was renamed "iida", and mobile phones including "G9" were announcedFinally, it became clear that the second release will be announced tomorrow.

Apart from the "G9" and novelist Mr. Yayoi Kusama's "Dots of Obsession, full of happiness with polka dot" and "My dog's ringin ring", AC Adapter like Plant ivy appears Although it is "iida" which made users passengers out of a fancy idea such as to do, what type of model will be the second bullet?

The above image is a terminal "G9" made by Sony Ericsson announced in April.

Details are as below.
FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE: Business Schedule

According to information posted on Fuji Sankei Business Eye, it says that KDDI will make a design mobile phone announcement on September 9 tomorrow.

This is the plan. What will be announced?

By the way, this is the concept model released at "au design project" in 2008. It consists of several "layers".

The top layer is the display, the next layer is the keyboard.

Also equipped with mobile projector

If such a model is to be commercialized, it seems to be quite ridiculous ....

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