Google also withdrew from China, censorships as well as human rights activist's Gmail account found a massive attack

The Chinese government is known as "Great Firewall (Golden Shield)"Surrounded by a firewall called thorough censorship is running,Information that is inconvenient to Chinese authorities is not displayedBut it turned out that Google could withdraw from China in the coming weeks.

The background is not only censorship by the Chinese government but also the fact that there was a highly sophisticated large-scale cyber attack against human rights activist's Gmail account.

Details are as below.
Official Google Blog: A new approach to China

Google's official blog said that in mid-December 2009 large-scale cyber attacks from China have been highly sophisticated from Google on Google. And when Google conducted a survey on this case, it turned out that it was a clearly heterogeneous attack, which is different from the kind of attacks that are initially being done for other companies He said that.

This attack was done not only for Google but also for more than 20 large companies in the Internet, economics, technology, media, chemistry, etc., now Google notifies the damaged company about the circumstances , He seems to be in the process of cooperating with an American investigation agency.

And about the attack done to Google, it is clear that the target was a Gmail account of Chinese human rights activist, and it seems that the two subjects were illegally accessed and the subject of the mail was browsed It is seen.

In addition to these attacks, Google's survey shows that attacks against human rights activists living in China, the United States and Europe are constantly underway against Gmail accounts, and there is no unauthorized access to accounts Although it is possible that software used for phishing scams may have been installed on the computer.

Using information obtained from these attacks, Google advises individual users about anti-virus software and anti-spyware software, advises OS and browser updates, etc., and handles personal information including passwords I am calling for attention.

In addition, Google launched "" for China in January 2006 with the belief that the merit obtained by the user being able to access the information rather than the censorship done by the Chinese government is more important In response to these different cyber attacks and attempts to further restrict the free speech on the web by the Chinese government during the past year, he decided to reconsider the business in China .

It is said that it is planned to discuss discussion to develop services without censorship with the Chinese government over the next few weeks, and if Google is still going through similar censorships, it is also possible to close the Chinese office It is supposed to be unavoidable.

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