Do you need Viagra already? Innovative ED therapy using sound waves has appeared

Erectile dysfunction (Blood Diffuse: ED)For men who suffer from and their partners, it was released in 1999ViagraIt can be said to be a savior. However, even if taking Viagra, improvement of ED is not seen in about 30% of men, and men taking nitroglycerin etc. for treating heart disease can not use Viagra. Even in healthy men, side effects such as sudden and drastic drops in blood pressure, narrow minds that may interfere with oxygen supply to the heart, or sudden deafness may be the case.

Therefore, as a new approach,Urinary stoneExtracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL:Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy) Has been attracting attention as a way to apply this method. Unlike Viagra, which temporarily dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow to the genital area, it promotes the formation of new blood vessels by shock waves (a kind of sound waves), so there is a possibility of fundamentally improving the ED is.

Details are as below.Forget Viagra! Sound waves can send your sex life into orbit | Mail Online

This new treatment in clinical trials in Israel is based on ESWL developed as a treatment method for urolithiasis twenty years ago. Recent studies have revealed that shock waves used for ESWLAngiogenesisIt is clear that it is effective for promoting By shock waveVascular endothelial cell growth factor (VEGF)It can induce release of glycoprotein named "VEGF", and this VEGF gives a directive "to grow a new blood vessel".

Inevitably, shock waves are attracting attention among cardiologists who are looking for new treatments for heart disease. In the United States and Japan, it is being studied whether it is possible to form healthy new blood vessels by applying a shock wave to the heart, and it is expected that this will be a lifeline of patients without physical fitness to withstand bypass surgery is.

Many experts are convinced that there is a strong relationship between ED and heart disease. The decline in the performance in the bed seems to suggest that the blood flow of the whole body is decreasing in many cases due to occlusion of blood vessels in the vicinity of the heart.

In IsraelHaifaDoctors at the Rambam Medical Center in Washington considered that the mechanism of promoting angiogenesis by shock waves could also be applied to the treatment of ED. If it is put into practical use it may be a breakthrough treatment in the sense that it is released from the troublesome that you must take medicine 30 minutes before sexual activity.

Although the first-stage clinical trial is small scale, there were no subjects who complained of pain or side effects during treatment, 75% of subjects were able to erect without relying on Viagra, etc. A considerably positive result was obtained It is.

For the clinical trial, 20 men who suffered from mild to moderate ED participated over the average age of 56 years / average 3 years. Twenty people are volunteers from all patients who receive ED medication. For these men, we treated the weak shock waves generated by the handheld compact device repeatedly at five places around the genitalia for 3 weeks, and before and after the treatment periodInternational erectile function score(The scale of the link destination is 25 full marks, but the thing used in the clinical trial is thirty-point full-scale version) was compared. The lower the score, the more severe the subject was, and in subjects who had an average of 12 to 20 points (middle to mild ED) before treatment, a score rise of 5 to 10 points was seen after 3 weeks of treatment It was. According to experts, a score rise of 5 points or more seems to be a marked improvement in ED treatment.

Over the past ten years, ViagraCialis,LevitraDrugs such as the ED dramatically changed the ED treatment. However, it is said that symptoms are not improved in patients with around 30% of these drugs even if they take these drugs. To these men, there was only a way to get an erection by injecting medicine directly into the penis, or by manually congesting the penis with a pump.

Dr. Yoram Vardi, the chief physician of this trial, said, "Medicine will not cure, because if you stop taking it you will not function again." "With biological approaches using shock waves, patients can improve to a functioning state without taking medication"

International Sexual Function AssociationDr. John Dean, Chairman, said the results of this trial are very interesting and worth doing subsequent large-scale research. However, similarly with shockwave treatmentPeyronie's diseaseWe have also warned that previously tried attempts to improve sexual dysfunction (painful penile bending and erectile pain on erection) have failed. "These findings are interesting and, of course, worth further research, but it will not be long before men can get this treatment under their doctor."

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