"Beauty Clock" enters the television, I checked the appearance that beautiful people come out one after another and tell me the time

"Beautiful watchSpeaking of Speaking, it was released as an iPhone application with a web service that a beautiful woman with a time-marked board appeared and a photo switched every minute and taught time, it has become very popular.

Recently, I gathered galls in Shibuya "Gal watch"And race queen gathered"Circuit clockVarious variations such as "are prepared, and it is becoming possible to correspond to the preference of any woman.

It is said that such a beautiful watch has advanced into television at last from late January 4th, so I checked what kind of program it was.

Details are as below.
Bijin-tokei x ABC

The program title is "Bijin-tokei × ABC". Since the start of the program was at 28 o'clock (4 o'clock in the morning), it was already started if we change the channel before 4 o'clock with a little extra time.

The contents are the same as other "beautiful watches" series, and photos are switched every minute. It is like feeling that 4 pictures of the same model last 4 and continue to the next model's set.

However, it seems that the model's profile etc can not be seen now. From February it seems to be able to see properly by data linkage.

BGM is GIRL NEXT DOOR's "Orion" "Jump" "Infinity". The song seems to change every month.

Only the last model is finished with the third piece of the composition. If you think what will come on the fourth sheet ... ...

Digisapo(Television receiver support center, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)It was CM. I'm pretty surprised if beautiful people are distracted, so I want you to make it a bit more mild.

By the way, broadcasting is Monday at 28 o'clock (actually around 27:56) to 28:55. The broadcasting station is the Kansai local program only ABC (Asahi Broadcasting). It seems quite rare for these projects to be broadcast on Kansai Local, not Kanto Local. It seems to be broadcasting every week from now on, so if you have something like this happening at this time, why not?

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