Inside the Mario 's closet is like this

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Mario turns into various costumes every time he gains special abilities, such as Fire Mario, Tanuki Mario, Frog Mario, Tail Mario, but how does Mario's closet with such a lot of costumes become It is a picture that shows.

There are things from very nostalgic to costume which is unknown depending on age, and it seems that a person who understands all is said to be Mario.

Image is from below.
Albino Raven: Mario's Closet

This is a picture showing inside Mario 's closet. There are even standard clothes and clothes from Fire Mario to the latest items such as Penguin Mario and Propeller Mario clothes.

This is designed by Glen Brogan, and he seems to print on a T - shirt and sell it if the reputation is good. Since the design itself seems to be problematic, it may be selling one day someday.

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