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On New Year's Eve and New Year 's Eve, I think that there are many plans to go for a night bell and go to New Year' s visit, but the railway which is the main means of transportation is quite diamond change. From December 31 to early morning of the New Year by Asahi com editorial departmentThe driving information of each major transport company is summarizedSo, if you are planning to go out, please check it.

So the next headline updateJanuary 4. On January 4, 2009 GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

A bodyguard cat movie that pays off the hand approaching a woman - GIGAZINE

"Hyper Otchingin ranking" that you can see how big your own man is in Japan - GIGAZINE

Cave in Okayama drifted in a mysterious sense - Bikini went to a breast hole - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.

From New Year's Eve to January 3 Winter-Type Pressure Arrangement - Weathernews Forecast - japan.internet.com Web Business(Weather forecast that many days of rain and snow will be on the Japan Sea side until 30th and the Pacific side will repeat cloudy and sunny)

Apple releases lucky bag "Lucky Bag" on January 2, 2010 - AV Watch(Note, the price is 35,000 yen and music is the theme is that iPod is included)

【Rakuten Market】 Lucky bags & first sale sale 2010 | Lucky bags that understand fashion, brands, contents etc. Preeminent lucky bags 2010!(Notes, list of lucky bags issued at Rakuten Ichiba)

2009 - 2010 New Year's Holiday Special Feature - goo TV Shows(TV, list of programs with year-end and new year full of special number)

Initial sale also cash reduction sale Ito Yokado - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)(Memo, selling a cash refund of 5 to 30% of the purchase price)

SOFTBANK MOBILE, starting from New Year's Day 2010 "Dad Goods Lucky Bag Present" Begins: RBB TODAY (Broadband Information Site) 2009/12/28(Note, handbags are distributed to users newly joining SoftBank)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Dispatch villages in the capital start "too strict" Responding to the qualification for use - Society(Work, offer accommodation places and meals for free until January 4)

Makoto: How long can you bear? Decrease in annual income(There is only 2.6% of people who "are much satisfied with work, current income")

"CM contributing to hit products" Top 10 announced! Editor-in-chief of "advertising criticism" based on the trend of 2009 - Analysis - Enta - Nikkei Trendy Net(Monopolize the top of CM, mobile phones contributed hit)

Which consumers should choose Copy control or compensation money - Private sound recording compensation compensation issue is in a new phase: Column - CNET Japan(Private sound recording compensation compensation to AV and DVD recorder and how and where B-CAS card goes)

Photo report: Electronic equipment failed in the 2000s - 30 products selected by CNET: News - CNET Japan(Hardware, Dreamcast and AIBO rank in)

4Gamer.net - What is the "buying" graphics card at the end of 2009 - 2010? GPU circumstances with actual price below 30,000 yen, understood in 10 minutes(Hardware, Graphics card essential for necessities for those who move the latest game definitely)

ASCII.jp: Why Gundam is Stronger than Zaku and Google's True Purpose | Dry column of 4 big site editors(Note, the hypothesis that Google's service is a component of artificial intelligence)

NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): Employees of the company office "dismissed" 500 persons Unemployed due to unpunishment pension organization(Work, unprecedented civil servant mass hire)

CNN.co.jp: Christmas rice retailing industry, somewhat better recovery from last year(Business, that it did not become a panic situation like last year)

What is the number one chosen by the photographer? 2009 Best Digital Camera - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net(Hardware, digital camera ranking in 2009 when some types reduced the number of pixels than 2008 model)

Prediction of popularization of diversifying mobile terminals such as smart phones, tablets, netbooks 2006 - 2013: in the looop: ITmedia Alternative · blog(Hardware, how far can the mobile terminal be expanded in the future?)

Kindle, the most frequently gifted product since its founding - Amazon, Christmas Stores in a Strategy Statement: News Clip - CNET Japan(Note, e-books also exceed the paper books sales)

Unnecessary Christmas Gifts, Over 80 billion yen in Australia = Research | Global speech | Reuters(Memo, 20 million gifts "I can not use" got received)

【New Influx】 Vaccine "shortage" overturning "excess" securing 153 million people (1/3 page) - MSN Sankei News(Memo, cancellation of vaccination reservation is starting to appear)

Evangelion? New Theatrical Version Power Compensation Plan(Memo, charged battery for iPhone of Eva Design)

Pleasute and Sega Saturn, why did he get difference?(Flow has completely changed with game, Final Fantasy 7)

Male and born in the Showa 50's survey on Dragon Quest IX | Lifenet Life Insurance(The game, the experience rate of dragon Quest is 89.2% and the most played people are Dragon Quest 3)

It is no longer a "stick" (self-styled) The shortest "Hinokibo no hobo" in history - Akiba Blog(Memo, Hinoki no Moto with 5 mm in length)

Should the movie "Avatar" be seen? 75% liked the word-of-mouth communication survey on Twitter(Film, a SF action that feels extravaganzation in Japanese CM but actually has entertainment feeling)

Where's Wally?: IPhone application version of 'Wally's Search'. Fun of the original class. well done! 2115(There are also games, characters that are subtly moving, unlike books)

To anticipate the final round of that manga - something(Manga, anticipating various final races of invisible manga)

11 years from broadcast ......, TV animation "DT Eitron" becomes BOX and it is a long-awaited first DVD conversion | Hobby | My Combi Journal(Anime, late-night animation broadcast in Kanto Local in 1998)

Popular anime "Minato Hatching" is the first animated movie news in his 40th birth News - ORICON STYLE-(Anime, a human girl · Ami appeared as a new character)

Trend guide?:? Choose by reporters, editors, stakeholders, the 2009 film industry five major news! ??? Hollywood channel where movies become more interesting(Movie, the movie industry where the influence of the recession is large such as the closing of MOVIX Rokko, the third largest cinema in the Kansai region)

Comike 77: Advance tickets with the movie "TRIIGAN" postcard released Advance tickets released by Shonen Ginja Publisher also (handling the web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Animation, the price appeared in 1500 yen with date and time only)

Blessed Campanella | Marvelous Entertainment(Animation, the original animated cartoon in 2010 with a game of Uminumiru)

Studio Ghibli - STUDIO GHIBLI - Announcement of Studio Ghibli related program broadcasting(Television, Ms. Miyazaki Hayao and Yogoro Moeji's interview program will be broadcasted)

Have you seen Mahjong brain? Thank you for 2009. - Kiyosumi High School Mahjong Department Teruaku Book(TV, Fuji TV "One-on-one broadcast"Mahjong brain", Broadcast full version on January 3)

"Witch" contacts the previous life, a cafe (Excite Bit Connecta) to communicate the message | Excite News(Food, 'Yoza Cafe' opened on November 11 in Yotsuya)

Current affairs dot com: Phantom whiskey, to collect = ice pickled in Antarctica 1st century - NZ team(Food, the possibility of issuing a reprint version if it is not currently on sale but samples are available)

Cheap izakaya popular with flat fee popularity, the rapidly increasing inner curtain? - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Actual condition of a pub that provides a menu with food, 300 yen uniform, 270 yen uniform etc.)

Yoshinoya, I can not endure low-priced battle at a price cut of 300 yen for a limited time - MSN Sankei News(Discount only for eleven days from January 11th of 2010, not food, year-end and new year)

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