Protest against the injection of public money to financial institutions, angry taxpayers develop a "hit the bankers" game

Despite being supposed to receive support from the injection of public funds, recently it has become a problem for financial institutions that provide huge bonuses and pensions, but the angry taxpayers in such a situation are unable to beat the battle " We beat the topic by making a house tapping.

Details are below.
Whack a banker

'Whack a banker' arcade game is a hit - Telegraph

This game was produced by a 58 year old inventor, Tim Hakin. From day to day, he says he did not have a good impression on the bank that "debt is evil," but he learned that the taxes that the citizen received are used not only for financial institutions but also for huge bonuses and pensions, anger It exploded. It seems that everything from the basic mechanism to the casing was made from 1.

YouTube - whackabanker

It looks like an ATM looking anywhere.

Play fee is 40 pence (about 60 yen) once. When you put in money you will see a panel like a stock exchange.

The "high risk investment" mode seems to be increasing difficulty level.

I only hit bankers all the time for 30 seconds.

In addition, if you hit more than the prescribed number, the banker is told to the banker "I will not retire ... I will retire! Please take care of our pension!" When it falls below the prescribed number, "You are losing ... ... I will keep on! "I am told. It is ironic that bankers will not lose in either case.

It seems that quite a lot of people were feeling angry at bankers, and that this hammer was no good in two weeks.

There is also such a game on the Internet. This is a game that makes a banker hit hard and makes a banker cool.

Whack-a-banker Games

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