A wedding snapshot that is becoming a big deal

It is an exaggeration to say that it is a big event of life many wedding ceremonies are a crowd of photographs that caught various difficulties.

The bridegroom who got drunk, the bride that everything got disgusted, and the bride who is exchanging a tire for some reason, are unique only.

Details are as below.
It is a pose as if everything was disgusting, but what exactly was it?

It seems that "HELP ME" and secret messages are written on the back of the shoes. Is it necessary to take countermeasures before it becomes irrevocable situation?

Is not it overflowing?

Only one person Bouquetos who has very interesting participants

Where do men suddenly knock out Dada or whether they are forced by women.

What is the impression of the ring?

I feel my mother's love

Bridegroom which adds extra use. The bride has a complex expression

I can not overcome physiological phenomena

Bride to exchange tires. Indeed the woman is strong.

Is there any meaningful pose

It seems like an extreme dance

Children are pure

I pray for being a happy cry

It seems that I drank too much.

A nice atmosphere is spoiled.

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