U.S. military special forces Green Beret is overwhelmingly done in Afghanistan

US Army special forcesGreen BeretIt is a video of the examination that the local troops of Afghanistan jointly perform. For a non-militarized local vehicle, the way the helicopter equipped with the machine gun and the fully armed soldier siege makes you feel something far from "activity to maintain peace and ensure safety".

Details are below.
In this examination,AfghanistanWhat was done in the southern Zabul Province. Recently, the raids against the Taliban facility by the US military became active, and it seems that in November it was more than 4 times that it was 90 cases in November in May.

YouTube - Fighting the Taliban

The transport helicopter stops in front of the train of dubious vans.

Land and prepare for the examination. A heavily armed soldier ran into it.

Local troops also joined the examination with the US military.

The helicopter remains in the air and continues to watch the car line.

A checking unit searching inside the car.

There seems to be more than 20 locals on board for the van.

But I could not find anything suspicious, the unit moved to look for the next "prey".

I found a suspicious vehicle again.

Next time,TalibanThe members inspected by wearing a black turban used frequently. However, there is no particularly doubtful place here either.

Moreover, the bike also examined. The bike is often used for escape by guerrillas who set up explosives, so it is subject to vigilance, but it seems that we could not find a suspicious point.

Eventually none of them were arrested on this day.

Although there are various arguments against such checking activities by special forces of heavy armament, the local army official says, "It is possible to check the Taliban power by showing a tough stance and it is actually making an effect is.

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