Until fighting with enemies and parachuting descent, not only do you trace the smells Military dog ​​work Various

Attacking the criminal at the scene of the crime with the team members and chasing the criminal from the remaining smell ...... When you say police dogs and military dogs, you have the impression of mainly doing work with this olfactory sense, but in addition to that, parachute descent from the air It seems that he does a fairly hard duty, doing fighting with speed impossible to human beings.

Details are below.
Just popping out with the dog (from 10,000 ft): Meet the special forces hound that likes to parachute | Mail Online

In each military, attention is focused on the olfaction and motor skills of dogs, and training is repeated from day to day so as to cope with various military actions. This is one of the joint exercises of European countries held in March 2010.

It is tightly bound with the handler that guides the dog.

For dogs it is a matter whether or not we can withstand the engine sound more than fall.

He said he was quietly looking at the scenery almost without rampage while falling.

The current world record is Mike Forsythe and the descent from its 30,000 ft (about 9100 m) achieved by that dog Cara. Both dogs and humans were challenging with an oxygen mask.

In addition, because there is instantaneous power and body is small, it rushes through the door gap or the window of the car, making enemies gap, it is also police dogs and military dogs to earn a few seconds of comma necessary for human beings to rush The work. Below is a video of the rush training by the Swiss Army.

YouTube - Swiss Army Dog Attack

It is said that it costs more than 5 million yen per head to cultivate excellent military dogs, and safety is taken into consideration in troops in the same way as humans. Of course classes can be attached as well as humans. Bulletproof vests for dogs are on sale from each manufacturer. It is also possible to incorporate a speaker and a small camera, so that you can hear the handler's instructions even from 300 yards (about 274 meters).

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