Lamborghini's concept car "Ankonian" that looks aggressive and has the appearance of having the stealth function

Lamborghini's concept car "Ankonian" which was designed by Slavche Tanevski who is studying at Munich University and has an appearance that is likely to have an offensive and stealth function. There are two main points "underground and hardcore" in this project, it is a design that is both aggressive as well as elegant and harmonious.

Details are as below.
Stealth attack machineF-117It is like this when it is lined up.

I think it can be quite useful at the circuit.

I feel that somehow it matches such a desolation point.

Landscape in a corner of the city

There is no gap from wherever it looks from front to back, left and right.

Distinguishing between before and after may be a bit difficult. This is the front part.

The appearance from the back where the tire is bare

The clay model looks something like this. The impression is quite different in the body color.

Other images and large images etc. It is in this site.
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