One step further to Sony's game business to make it profitable, what is the manufacturing cost of the new PS 3 now?

Although it is Sony's PS3 which has been performing well with its drastic strategy performing successfully, such as lowering the selling price by 10,000 yen as well as making it thinner and lighter than before, its manufacturing cost is clearly determined by the research company It was done.

Although the Sony game business which had continued the deficit following the continuation of the state in which the selling price of the PS3 main unit falls short of the manufacturing price, for example, continued to be in a state of "negative going down", but as a result of bloody cost reduction efforts, It seems that it is about to go one step further to the black.

Details are as below.
Sony Gets One Step Closer to Breakeven Point with Latest PlayStation 3 Design? - iSuppli

Apple's "iPhone"And Google OS for mobile phonesThe world's first smartphone "G1" adopting "Android"According to a report of a survey company "iSuppli", which is also known to investigate manufacturing costs such as the price of the new PS3, it is said that the cost of manufacturing the new PS3 is 336.27 dollars (about 20 9750 yen).

This is more than $ 37.27 (about 3300 yen) above the US selling price of the new PS3 body in the US $ 299 (about 26 6450 yen), and the state of selling price is still lower than the manufacturing price continues It is said that there is.

Cost breakdown of the new PS3. The Blu-ray drive is manufactured for $ 66 (about 5840 yen), the graphics chip set "RSX (Reality Synthesizer)" is 45.82 dollars (about 4050 yen), the 120 GB HDD is 38 dollars (about 3360 yen) The new Cell processor is $ 37.73 (about 3340 yen).

In addition, the PS3 of the conventional model was a product that many components were complicatedly constructed, but the new PS3 has been simplified by reviewing the whole parts configuration and the number of parts is reduced from 4048 in the conventional model It seems that the cost was suppressed by reducing it to about 2568 pieces.

As a result of reducing the power consumption of the main body by introducing a Cell processor (conventionally 65 nm process) manufactured in the 45 nm process, it became possible to reduce the cost of power supply and the cost of cooling, so the conventional PS 3 In the new model it is said that it succeeded in shrinking the negative currency which was 49.72 dollars (about 4400 yen) to 37.27 dollars (about 3300 yen), considering that the price of parts will continue to decline in the future , Material costs are expected to decrease markedly in 2010.

In August, Mr. Kazuo Hirai, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said in a interview on the strategy of the game business by Times in the UK,"We got profit from the total including software and peripheral equipment" was answeredHowever, the amount of negative spread of about 3300 yen clarified by the result of this survey seems to support the answer.

By the way, the fact that the 80 GB model that was on sale for 399 dollars had a negative impact of 49.72 dollars means that the manufacturing cost of the 80 GB model is $ 448.72 (about 30,700 yen), but if the manufacturing cost of the new PS 3 is Considering that it is 336.27 dollars (about 20 9750 yen)A total of 112.45 dollars (about 9950 yen) successfully reduced the manufacturing costIt will be done. This is exactly the result of bloody effort ... This is ....

Sony aims to make the game business profitable in fiscal 2010It is likely that the end of the production cost reduction of PS 3 will be a major factor for the future.

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