A way to cheat harder and more difficult creative test problems

"Because I can not understand the examination question of ○ ○ at all, I can not help it, so I got credits when I wrote "How to make delicious curry"There are various legends from olden days about how to write things that are completely unrelated and to cheat test questions. Various methods seem to be tried overseas, and there seems to be quite a creative thing inside.

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The elephant in the testing room Boing Boing

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"I can not solve this problem because the elephant is disturbing." It was quite fantastic, but what happened?

"There must be a tail if there is an elephant, there is a strict point of deduction 3".

"No, because the elephant is getting in the way" answer to the question "Do you keep moving even after the weight hit the spring?" The elephant seems to be popular as a disturbing person, but of course it is not good point.

At first it seems to have been going very well, but ... it was frustrating at the end.

Although it seems to be admired that it is often thought variously only in the limited time during the test, is it difficult to demonstrate this concentration ability during the test study ... ?.

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