US Air Force, ordering 2,200 units of PS 3 to make military supercomputer

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It became clear that the US Air Force ordered 2,200 units of PS 3 to make military supercomputers.

In March 2008I decided to procure 300 PS3s for research purposesAlthough it is the US Air Force, the multi-core CPU installed in PS3 "Cell processorIt seems that you are considering using it seriously as a military system by making use of it.

Details are as below.
Air Force To Expand PlayStation-Based Supercomputer - Supercomputing - InformationWeek

According to this article, it is said that the federal procurement website revealed that the US Air Force plans to order 2,200 PS 3.

The US Air Force currently uses 336 PS3s, such as combining images of multiple radars to synthesize images of even higher resolution, processing of high resolution moving images, research on supercomputing that behaves like a brain We are going to do, but 2,200 more will be added.

In addition, the Air Force is supposed to add 2,200 units of PS 3 and plan to study which application the computing capacity of the Cell processor mounted on PS 3 best fits into which application, and the research result is that the military It will be a material to decide how Cell processor and applications will be used for the system.

For information on the status of the US Air Force's procurement, see the following link.

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