If you recreate the brave teeth brutal teeth brushing method like this

Sparta educationGreek ancient city state famous for words such asSpartaIt is a photograph which reproduced the teeth brush of the Spartans who reigned in a real way. It is painfully brutally drawn in books and movies, but it seems to be very aggressive, even with one toothpaste.

Details are as below.Imgur: the simple image host

First of all we choose ammunition toothpaste.

Next carefully choose a toothbrush to be a weapon

Loading. My face is scary anyway.

I will firmly let the enemy infiltrate.

Combat start. Try to attack the enemies as quickly as possible, front to back, left and right.

Keep fighting anyway until you win all enemies.

Battle end. I have come to see the face of a man who did not fight.

I think that it will definitely not be a tooth decay when I brush my teeth like this every day, but it seems to be quite difficult. In the first place did the Spartans have done such harsh teeth brushing ...?

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