A festival in Russia fighting like a medieval European war

RussianVyborgA picture of a festival that fights a fierce battle that will image the medieval European war that took place in the city. The sight that adults collide with in full-blown Yoroy and Kabuto seems to be seeing the war of medieval Europe indeed and it is powerful. This festival seems to be taking place in the summer, so it seems that Russia in the north is quite hot even though it is done.

The battle seems to be done for many days, and the physical strength of those who actually fight is tremendous.

Pictures are as follows.
We are preparing equipment before the festival.

Just before the start. There is a feeling of tension.

Ready for battle ready

This seems to be completed.

Combat start.

Great power.

It seems like I'm really watching medieval European war.

Horses came out.

People who are exhausted have gathered.


Another group is exhausted.

You can see other pictures from below.
Nikolkaya: Выборг, бугурт

Nikolkaya: Выборг, буггурт, пятница

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