A woman who modified and corrected the bust size in the photograph, is perceived as easily as possible


As a way to take a picture of yours easily, there is a thing to shoot yourself reflected in a mirror. However, sometimes a different picture is reflected in the photographed picture from the one who was imaged. Now that processing technology has developed, we can do it by ourselves even if we do not bother to ask professional processing, so we can also fix parts that we do not like.

However, if you make corrections that are not too consistent, you will be told that "This is a fake!" The moment you see the image. A woman was processing it to his own self photos and it happened to be quite frustrating.

Details are as below.
Flattering Photo FAIL at Kontraband

This is a hot topic woman.

Self-photos taken are like this. Although it is already written as "FAIL", this part has a furious discomfort.

If you look closely, this is also a little hen. Do you know what is Hen?

Volunteers have created an image revised by volunteers that this is the figure of truth. How wonderful this woman, both busts were processed larger than originally.

It is obvious from an animated GIF.

It looks like a fine bust that does not need to bother to bother ... ....

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