Pictures of animals and babies sleeping unprotected as if they were exhausted as though the battery had run out

I do not know if the batteries have run out or we are getting tired out of course, but they are pictures of kitten and wild animals sleeping unprotected, and even human babies. Anyway I can understand what I say to sleep with a single shot.

Details are as below. Cat fauna seems to be favorite on trees.

Pandas that seems to be comfortable

Squirrels are also tired

Are you meditating?

Children who can only think that batteries are out

I guess this is only an intention.

I feel asleep in a pleasant way

A gorilla that sleeps as thought of something

I'm a little bit painful, so I pray for not having a nightmare.

Long legs

It seems that I slept in the middle of something.

Were you tired of playing?

I do not know exactly what, but I am sleeping anyway.

Here are a lot more pictures.
Have you ever been this tired? - Fill Inn

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