That "TRICK (Trick)" resurrected, the third movie version "Battle Royale" is released publicly to celebrate the 10th anniversary

A combination of "self-proclaimed / genius magician" Yamada Naoko "and Professor Jiro Ueda of Nippon Science and Technology University, which started broadcasting as a late-night drama in TV Asahi series in July 2000, created a trick hidden in paranormalism A mystery drama that will resolve "TRICK (Trick)It is revealed that it will resurrect in commemoration of the 10th anniversary.

Unique comic directories such as 'Sugai Kin in the air' and 'Nasty Nausicaa' and the unique character and others gained high popularity, but as the latest work the third edition of the movie version "Spirit capability battle royalIt will be made public.

Moreover, it seems that you can expect new development of the same series besides the movie version.

Details are as below.
Congratulation Ten-year anniversary trick big thanks festival | TRICK

According to the official page of "Festival! Ten Anniversary Trick Great Thanksgiving Festival" commemorating TRICK's 10th anniversary in 2010, according to the official page of the 10th Anniversary Trick Great Gratitude Festival, in the spring of 2010, "The Spirit Capital Battle Royale" It is said that it will be made public.

In addition to regular members such as Yukihiko Tsutsumi known for the series and theatrical version "20th Century Boys", Yukie Yamada and Hiroshi Ueda, Hiroshi Abe and Yoko Nozomi playing the mother of Naoko Yamada, Matsudaira Ken and Toda Keiko will appear.

By the way, the second movie version, which will be the previous album, was released in June 2006, so it seems to be the first time in about four years to revive.

As "spirit capability battle royal" is stated as the "first contribution" of the 10th anniversary project, it seems that we can expect new developments other than the movie version in 2010, but in the fourth period of the TV drama series Is there a possibility ...?

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