A movie where a drunk woman who fell from the subway home to a railroad takes advantage of the visitors

A drunk woman who has fallen from the subway home to the track is a movie that is almost at risk of being hit by a train.

Because the train had fallen just before arrival, the surrounding guests could only appeal to stop at the driver, but as the driver who was noticed desperately appealed brakes quickly, The woman escaped the difficulty by a hair tight.

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Woman cheats death on train track | Sun Exclusive videos | The Sun | Video

A woman who is drunk and feels uneasy walks along the railroad track.

Jumped off the track (fell?)

The lady lay down on the railroad track. The headlight of the train coming from over there is already visible.

People who desperately signaling to the running train.

Screen of another camera.

The train approached.

I think that it is useless already ......

Stop here.

It seems that the woman was safe.

You can see another movie from below.
YouTube - drunk woman falls into the path of an oncoming train ...

The SunAccording to the article, this picture seems to have been taken at the North Station in Boston around 10 pm on November 6, 2009 local time. The picture was broadcasted throughout the United States, and it seems that this drunk woman (name and age unknown) has become a famous person.

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