A zoo panda attempting to escape while the decoy role is drawing attention of the keepers

It is a movie of a panda who tries to escape from the door where feeders go in and out, whether they were disgusted by the narrow space of the zoo. The moment when the keeper away from the door succeeded in escaping it as it was while taking care of other pandas is reflected in the movie.

Details are as below.
Pandas who do how to spend their thoughts in the zoo.
YouTube - Panda Escape / Kumarukoshi

One panda approaches to the keeper from around 28 seconds.

Petting staff who let the panda perform tricks.

But while the panda was performing, another panda was trying to escape from the silver door.

It is too late when a keeper realizes that one already escapes.

Panda who was doing more work also escaped to the door with a dash. It seems to have been a big success for the customers who were watching.

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