A movie capturing the moment of Dodge Viper's accident

An American monster sports car famous for the V 10 8 liter engine "Dodge ViperIt is a movie capturing the moment when a collision accident occurs. Depending on the specs, it is a bit disappointing that a super car of about 10 million yen will cause an accident with reckless driving.

The movie is from the following. The previous red car is Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper brakes suddenly at about 1 minute and 40 seconds of motion picture. Because it was quite speedy, white smoke rises violently.

I did not make a desperate braking in time, and I collided with the previous car. Please play movies from here.
YouTube - Dodge Viper Crashing a Van !!! CRASH !!! NEW VIPER CRASHED

If you get on a car with high speed and horsepower, you may feel that you want to fully demonstrate its specifications, but first of all it is necessary to keep safe driving first.

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