A man who reproduced Bernham's first class rooms in his garage

From the 1930s to the 1980s AmericanFlag · CarrierAlthough it reigned in the airline industry as it went bankrupt in 1991Pan am (Pan American Airlines)But, as a symbol of "American imperialism" "mass consumption era" as a symbol of those who feel drama in the rice flourish, people who retreat the thorough service at the time, including those who simply like the design of logos and goods But there are many fans. recently"Catch Me If You Can"In addition to appearing in movies such as JapanYoshinori SunaharaIt is also used as an album jacket for albums, so many people say that I liked it through pop culture even if I do not know then.

Goods such as advertisements of the time, uniforms, in-flight service equipment etc. are also popular in Japan as collector's items, but in the USA there are people who liked and liked the entire garage in the home to recreate the first-class cabins of Pannam It seems.

Details are as below.In One Man's Garage, Pan Am Still Makes the Going Great - WSJ.com

Anthony Toth living in Redondo Beach near Los Angeles is 42 years old. Since I was a child I love airplanes and every time I get on an airplane, it seems that every time I board an airplane, I was gathering important things such as paper coasters and paper laying on a tray of in-flight meals, which ordinary people would throw away. He took a tape recorder in order to listen to the in-flight radio on the house, listened to the in-flight radio at home, recorded the microphone to the earphone which maximized the volume, and said that he was recording on the 10th birthday to parents She became a regular subscriber to the specialized magazine Official Airline Guide with an airplane timetable, and at the age of 12, she made a sheet with wood and housed in the basement of the house in the first class rooms of Pan Nam's weakest in 7 meters He assembled the model, he says.

Mr. Toth who is a global sales director at United Airlines is currently a single, but when I purchased a two bedroom condo two years ago, I saw over 50 properties and finally the room size can be reproduced It seems that he surrounded this property with a garage.

garage. Here's PannamBoeing 747First class rooms of the aircraft are reproduced.

Mr. Toth said that he had made more than 20 years and funded more than 5 million yen to reproduce this cabin. At the weekend I was looking for furniture of the Pannaum machine that was actually usedMojave DesertOften it is time to go to the "graveyard of a passenger plane" at If you can not get a good state like a seat cover, it seems to ask the expert to create it faithfully.

The interior is faithfully reproduced all the way to the spiral staircase leading to the interior of red and blue interior on the 2nd floor (the first floor passenger lounge was on the 2nd floor of Panamum's 747 aircraft), the lighting and the upper landingge spaces of the audience seats . The wall is actuallyDC-10Airmania may notice that it is not a wall of 747 aircraft, but Toth wants to exchange for 747 aircraft in the near future.

Also the coffee maker has the logo of Pannam. Mr. Toth fully utilizes the privilege of working with an airline that can take an airplane free of charge if there is a vacancy, collecting information on the fact that there are headphones in Thailand, for example, if it gets information that there are headphones in Thailand, it hops on the plane a few days later That's right.

Toth (right) and his friend John Adams who wants to release the collection as a museum in the future. Currently the cabin is undisclosed, but it is very popular with air fans and friends of the same age, and it gets frequented and eats with dishes of in-flight meals and it seems to be relaxing.

"Just in case" pamphlet and headphones written procedures for emergency escape. Of course, you can also listen to recordings of the in-flight broadcast at that time with this headphone. It seems that the screen for the projector in the front of the guest room was replaced with a flat screen television so that you can watch TV and movies with in-flight headphones.

Mr. Toth possesses a large collection of besides the one used for first class room reproduction, among which large items such as economy class sheets are also available. They are said to be kept in a warehouse.

Mr. Toth got the tableware in the meal. It is a fun task to organize the collection in order.

Currently the first class rooms are evolving far more than the rooms of the 1970s and 80s materially, such as horizontal reclining seats, special TVs, gourmet meals, but today's service and branding can not be changed at the time, Toth said. "At the time I did not want to sleep in an airplane, I wanted to have fun at every minute every minute."

This passion to Mr. Toth's airplane seems to be highly appreciated by the airline's boss.

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