I'm always on the intro of famous "PIXAR" famous for Toy Story "I" is too stepped on to die

"Toy · Story", "Monsters Inc.", "WALL · E / Wally", "Carl Jun 's Flying Flight House" etc. are produced and 2010 "Toy · Story 3" is scheduled to be releasedPixar · Animation · StudioHowever, desk light that always comes out at the beginning of the movie trailer and the trailer, "I" of the "PIXAR" logo which is stepped on the head, the relationship is finally broken, how "I" dies ... ... An unexpected parody movie that appeared on the net.

Playback is from the following.
First of all, this is the original.

YouTube - Pixar Logo - For the Birds (2000)

And this is a parody version.

The same at first



Surprised by the catastrophe of bloodshed, other characters that scream and escape

The funeral of "I"

The left wife of 'I' is crying

Desk lamp caught by the police for murder charges

It is reported on television, too

How is the fate of desk light put in prison and how?

In addition, the full story can be seen from the following.

Pixar Intro Parody - CollegeHumor video

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