The origin of the famous "Yahoo! Geocities" free HP space is closed, and what is lost

It is natural that the line speed is 56 kbps, even if it is only ISDN (64 kbps), it was decided to close "Yahoo! Geocities", a free homepage offering service that had been continuing since the era when it was said that it was "amazing". But even overseas Yahoo! By the story in Japan, Yahoo! Although "Yahoo! Geocities" is energetic as it is walking on its own route, it seems that Geocities was used like an introductory section of free HP space overseas, and many net users say "a lot I have lost something 's story. "

What is the thing that has been lost in closing this "Yahoo! Geocities"?

Details are as below.
Goodbye GeoCities: 7 Retro Things We'll Miss Forever | Tosh.0 Blog

1: GIF image of "under construction"


In the center of the page, the words such as "under construction", "Sorry, Under Construction", and the like and GIF images (sometimes animated GIFs) are arranged in the middle is the site of the 90's website Then you could see it there. Although we can not find the relationship between website building and civil engineering work, somehow the images used are red-white cones and trasters (yellow and black) cones used in civil engineering work, covered with yellow helmet O 'san is lowering his head.

2: HTML using various tags


"Foreigner story" introduced the latest technology in ChinaAnd became a big boom in "Soul servant"Although it was not necessarily influenced by" Samurai Spirit ", there was a time when" text messing "became popular. To make huge fonts of part of the sentences or to change the color is still a technique that is still used, but those who want to use HTML tags and want to use it will move letters left and rightMarquee tag(IE proprietary tag), blink textBlink tag(Netscape-based proprietary tag) etc, and made text which was hard to see a bit. Now there is content to play the movie, but at the time there was not such a thing so as BGMMIDIThere was also a site that is trying to play.

3: Guestbook


A link to a guest book established with a message "People who came to this website wrote something to the guest book". In the blog, it corresponds to "comment", but in the case of the guestbook, the whole site is targeted, so it was written as "It is an interesting site! Incidentally, chat bulletin boards are sometimes provided separately, and there are cases where there are multiple bulletin boards for each topic or type in many sites.

4: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


"FAQ" is "Frequently Asked Questions", that is, frequently asked questions and their answers, which are frequently posted at the end of the instruction manual.Wikipedia FAQThat's why "How can I create a new article?" "Wikipedia's watch is wrong," and so on. However, in the case of a personal site, what exact FAQ will be ... .... For example, if the site of "How to read Wikipedia 100 times funny" was made and the beginning of the FAQ was "What is Wikipedia?", It probably means that the site is a site that is only very unfriendly about Wikipedia It will be.

5: "Back to top" link

(ByBellybutton girl)

There are many vertically long pages on sites created in Geocities, and for some reason about three paragraphs there is a "return to top" link. What is the meaning of the link which I just said that "Please click on this link and read it again from the beginning" although you have read only 20% of the whole yet.

6: Access counter


One of the important elements of Geocities was the free access counters. Although it is a site that the contents are only growing gradually only on a daily basis in the diary center about a site where only URLs are taught only to friends acquaintances, why many killi numbers are set up and why "People who stepped on the number were reported on the bulletin board Have a mysterious custom saying "Please go ahead". By the way, counters are not displayed in Google Analytics.

Fortunately unfortunate, the closure of Geocities to the last story only abroad. Yahoo! in Japan It seems that GeoCities will remain fine in the future. I used to work hard, but now I can not forget my password and update it, but it may be just a matter of going to see my "homepage" just staying on the web sometime.

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