LCD TV wrecked, Shock movie that hits directly to "BRAVIA" at 80 km / h speed with the new PS 3

The shocking movie that Sony's new PS3 released in September hits the LCD TV "BRAVIA" made at the speed of 80 km / h is released.

Naturally the LCD TV wrecked, but what has happened?

Details are as below.
VIDEO: Sony crash tests PS3 into Bravia LCD TV at 50 mph

According to this article, Sony's Australian corporation has tried to hit the PS3 main unit at a speed of 80 km / h to the 46-inch LCD TV "BRAVIA".

This is how it looks. Where the PS3 body is injected toward "BRAVIA"

Viewed from the side. Incidentally, 80 km / h will be approximately 22.2 m per second

I hit the screen directly. It is a nightmare sight ...

By the way, I am worried about why such an attempt was made, but this is a campaign announcement movie that Sony's Australian corporation is planning for a new plan "Buy PSA 3 for BRAVIA" is. It certainly has content that gives a strong impact, but was there a little more gentle way?

The playback of the movie is from the following.

YouTube - PS3 slams into Bravia TV at 50 mph

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