"Ryu ga Gotoku 4 Successive Legend" Caballacle Ladies Last Successful Photo Gallery

"Ryu ga Gotoku 3" is set in Japan in 2010 one year later, PS3 will be released in the spring of 2010 this "Ryu ga Gotoku 4 Inherit the Legend". This time we will pursue more real about the popular play spot "cabacla" and finally hold "Cavalier's Lady Audition". Seven of Mr. Mizutani Mamiya, Ms. Mori Maya, Saito Tsuyoshi, Rio, Kawasaki Himeka, Aihara Elena, Ichi Chihiro 7 people selected through a strict judgment from a total of 1500 entries. Is supposed to appear as a cabaret chair in the game.

In this work, every appearance and style of each person, fashion, and how to talk are reproduced finely. Besides that, he said that he became able to enjoy the love bargain with cabaret clubs that became real as much as possible, wearing gifts, becoming free entrance without appointment, and so on.

So, the photo gallery on what kind of person the final successful candidate is for the cabaret club is from the following.

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This is the seven of the final successful applicants

this house,Saito BiancheWithNaotaka MizutaniAppears on the stage

A cabaret cube feeling caught between

Mizutani Koaki

Mori MayaMr.

Saito Tsuyoshi

Kawasaki Himeka san on the left

Mr. Ichigi Chihiro

In addition, this chair can sit and wish for commemorative photo if you wish

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