Latest TGS trailer of "FINAL FANTASY XIV" now can be seen on Official Site

New "FINAL FANTASY XIV" trailer was uncovered in the Tokyo Game Show 2009 and readily adopted to their official site. Here we show you some clips from the trailer, well telling the atmosphere of the game.

Read on for the video.


"In far west, over five oceans..."

"There's a paradise beloved by the god."

Pub scene, maybe.

"With dreams in our hearts"

"We head for Eorzea"

"Meeting and parting"

"With many colleagues..."

Pub, again.

Are these cards related to the gameplay?

The Roegadyn, the race of undauntedness.

"We found new dream there".

"But in this world..."

Bright beam of light shines players.

Scenary of Eorzea.

In the forest.

"We fight!"

"We fight for our new dream..."

Battle on a ship.

Battle with Morbor, the wood monster.

The Elezen, the race of noble.

The Hyur, the race of variety.

What is that giant object in the sky?


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The adventure in this world should be really grand.

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