Whether the release date of "Gran Turismo 5" is known, PS3 main body bundled pack also appears

With the flyer distributed at the game industry trade fair "GamesCom" held in Germany in August, the latest release of the popular racing game series whose release is awaited"Gran Turismo 5" to be released within the yearIt became clear, but at last the information on the release date became clear.

A premium model corresponding to 1000 express models and a damage expression that completely reproduces the deformation due to the interior and the vehicle falling and collision, the latest hybrid cars including Prius and insight, and the electric cars Behavior also faithfully reproduced, etc.,There are plenty of different elementsApparently, it seems to be a powerful title of PS 3 alongside FF 13 for the holiday shopping season.

Details are as below.
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According to this article, it seems that the contents of the pack that bundled the new PS 3 and the new software to be released for the holiday shopping season was revealed by the list leaked from the French retailer.

In the main title, on October 14th "Uncharted Golden Sword and the Missing Fleet"(October 15 in Japan), on November 4 (October 29 in Japan)"Tekken 6"On November 19,"Assassin's Creed 2"Bundled packs will be released, and on December 4," Bundle pack of Gran Turismo 5 "will be released.

Since it is a release date in France, it is possible that the release date in Japan may be different, but as it is the title that the world is paying attention to, it is likely to be released in a form that is almost similar to world simultaneous release Is not it sufficiently thoughtable? The next report is awaited.

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