Hockey game "Sportpong" a new sensation expression that seems to be an evolutionary version of air hockey

It is a game in which you split into two teams at game centers and meet discsAir HockeyAlthough it may be seen, there seems to be a new sense hockey game that can be said to be an evolution version of air hockey. There are drawbacks that the place to play is limited, but it may be exciting if it is in an event or a big entertainment facility.

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Sportpong - The Sporty Arcadegame

It seems that this is playing "sportpong". The place where the foot is attached to the ground becomes the bar hitting the ball, and if you enter the goal of the opponent by meeting the ball of light, the score enters. The number in the center is the current score, it seems to be a triumph of 10 points in advance.
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Because it is a game to play with light shining on the ground, you can only play in the dark.
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The coat is 4 meters wide and 7 meters long.
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You can see the movie you are playing from the following.
I'm born ready ... on Vimeo

3 vs 2 Rorschach kids ... on Vimeo

Although sportpong seems to have been lending out in public events etc., now it seems that even general people can rent it. Although prices are not listed, on the official website is stated that "Please borrow people please contact".

Sportpong - The Sporty Arcadegame

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