Make-up / tutorial which remains very doubt as to whether it is a reference or not

Although it may be technically correct, it is a movie of a makeup tutorial that seems to be wrong in many other places. Not only is there a tutorial such as makeup that almost no longer appears, it is also impressive that Gloria Shuri Nava appearing in the movie has a very strong character.

Movie playback is from the following.
Make-up for work at night.
YouTube - Whore Makeup Tutorial

Yamanba gal · makeup which almost no longer appears now.
YouTube - Ganguro Makeup Tutorial

Country style makeup.
YouTube - Chola Makeup Tutorial

I'm pretty upset with my mother's call.
YouTube - Emo Gothic Makeup Tutorial

In Gloria Shuri Nava's blog appearing in the movie we are also trying various other things.

Hold On To That Feeling!

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