Experimental movie to hit the nitroglycerin with a hammer to explode

Although there is an image that nitro is easy to explode, I will introduce a movie that shows how much shock it will actually explode. In the movie, nitrogen iodide that reacts with less impact than nitroglycerin has also been introduced, and it seems that explosion occurs just by touching with feathers.

Details are as below.
It is seen from around 41 seconds that it hits with a hammer to explode.
Nitroglycerin And Nitrogen Triiodide - Video

To the newspaper placed on the tableNitroglycerinWill be hung

Bring the hammer close to it ... ...

An explosion when struck

nextNitrogen iodideExperiment. The state of explosion starts from 1 minute 45 seconds

All you need is touch with feathers

Smoke dances with plosive sounds, and there is a perfect hole

By the way, nitro used as fuel for automobilesNitromethaneYaNitrous oxideIt is different from the above nitroglycerin. There is also a movie that puts out about 500 km / h with a car using nitromethane because it can obtain a large output.
YouTube - NitroMethane cars at 312.2 mph

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