A dream is married, a scream machine and a woman who makes a long distance relationship

BeforeA woman married to the Berlin wallI told you that there are women who are about to marry scary machines in the USA this time. This woman also has a strange habit and has a sexual feeling in a scream machine. What kind of scream machine is this woman in love with?

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Love is a rollercoaster for woman marrying funfair ride | Metro.co.uk

Amy Wolfe (33 years old) living in the United States is in PennsylvaniaKnoebels Amusement ResortI am in love with the scream machine named "1001 Nachts" in the theme park called "1001 Nachts" and seems to satisfy sexual desire by seeing the picture of "1001 Nachts", about 300 times a year 1001 Nachts "on the same day.

This is "1001 Nachts." It is said that it is also called "magic carpet".

A movie in which "1001 Nachts" actually moves.
YouTube - 1001 Nachts

Because Amy's house is 180 kilometers away from Knoebels Amusement Resort, he is crying for "being in a long distance relationship" and he is planning to get married to fulfill a long distance relationship.

I do not know how to get married to a scream machine, but do countries and states have to admit marriage with a scream machine?

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