Diva Miyuki Nakajima to release a highly-accurate Glass CD at $1000

Miyuki Nakajima is one of a few all-time best selling Japanese pop diva. In every decade she brings a big hit since '70s and some of them are still selling well. And showing her love to music, she is going to show highly-accurate compact disc made from glass and pure gold instead of polycarbonate.

Read on for detail.

Nakajima Miyuki to release Glass-made CD for $1000 - Showbiz News : nikkansports.com

According to the article above, Miyuki Nakajima is to release glass CD priced $1000 each. The CD will be a reproduction of her previous discs released after 2000, like "Short Stories" or "Lullaby for the Soul". This is definitely the most expensive J-pop CD ever.

The glass CD is made of high-precision glass used for accurate optics instead of polycarbonate. Pure gold is used on reflective layer instead of aluminum for more hi-fi sound just like you would hear in recording studio.

Regretfully it's nearly hand-made and produced as slowly as 10 or so discs a day. It's totally the item for real fans.

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