KDDI's "microSD wireless LAN card" that can add wireless LAN function to mobile phone

Mobile phones that can use high speed communication by using a wireless LAN network such as home by installing wireless LAN function are increasing, but a revolutionary card which can add wireless LAN function to mobile phone is wireless Japan 2009 It was exhibited at the KDDI booth.

Because it corresponds to the microSD card slot which is widely used in mobile phones, it seems that a wide range of success can be expected.

Details are as below.
Exhibition of microSD wireless LAN card for mobile phone which is done at KDDI booth

Since it becomes possible to connect directly to the wireless LAN access point such as home, browsing of video site and so on can be used comfortably.

The actual machine which was exhibited. Mitsumi Electric and Renesas Technology are working on it. The driver has already been developed for Windows, WindowsCE, Linux, etc.

This is made by Mitsumi Electric

Made by Renesas Technology

It was actually mounted on a mobile phone. In this demonstration machine, I use a microSD card via the SD card adapter for a model with SD card slot but it works without problems. By the way, it seems to save images shot on the mobile phone body instead of saving them in the microSD card. This is because microSD is full of communication modules.

In addition to being able to connect with a personal computer wirelessly, we are also considering collaboration with digital home appliances such as transferring contents recorded by HDD recorder etc. Moreover, although it does not correspond to ad hoc communication at the present moment, of course it seems possible in principle.

By the way, although the timing of commercialization and commercialization which is of concern is undecided, it can not be disclosed in a strategic sense to the last, it is said to be sufficiently practical level.

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