Nine stations in the world that you do not want to use if possible for reasons such as devastation, inconvenience, crowding etc.

When I was waiting for the last train at the station where there was nobody at midnight, I felt uneasy as I could not say anything and I thought "I want to leave early" or get caught up in the awesome rush hour, "I do not want to get on the train anymore" I think that there are many people who have thought about it, but there seem to be many stations in the world that feel like "I want to pass for a while" like this.

Details are below.
Ten Worst Stations To Wait For A Train

1. Michigan Central Station

Built in 1913, this station made a big success in transporting military goods during the World War II, but as the war ended the number of users drastically declined, and after various owner's hands took over, in 1988 It was closed. In April 2009 the Detroit City Council resolved to demolish, but somewhere nearly futuristic devastation caused Michael Bay's "Transformers"Or"IslandIt is also used for filming SF movies such as "Opposite voices are going up a lot

2. Hazel Hatch · Cellbridge Station

It was built in 1846 in the eastern part of Ireland and has been used almost without modification as it is. It was abolished as a freight transportation station in 1947. Currently it is active as an important transportation tool for locals, but it is far away from the center of the cell bridge so that you must use a shuttle bus.

3. Chicago · Blue Line · Division Station

The Blue Line of the Chicago Municipal Transportation Bureau connects a forest park in the southwestern part from the O'Hare International Airport in the northeastern part of the city and the number of users on weekdays is 147 thousand, the second most crowded route. Although this station is also planned to gradually be rebuilt, it is dark and dangerous like the image so far and it is dangerous when it rains and sewage flowing in, so it does not want to stay long enough.

Four.Tangla Station

Tangla Station is a station of the China National Railway and Aoyama Line in Nakuchu, Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China and was built at the highest point in the world at 5068.63 m above sea level in 2006. The home is 1.25 km, the inside of the station is 70 thousand square meters and the size is considerable. . Because the sea level is too high, some trains are airtightly sealed and surplus like airplanes.

5. Baghdad Stop

In the early twentieth century, the railroad network was established among the major cities in Iraq as Britain and Germany, which were then strong powers, pull the railroad in dispute. Since the beginning of the Iraq war there are many people who use it to avoid the troublesome military checkups on the street and security inside the car is strict, but we can not be distracted because it is always subject to attack.

6.Pennsylvania Station

Pennsylvania stationThere are some of the same station nameThe unusual station called. New York 's ones are famous for being as crowded as Grand Central Station.

7.Tanjong · Pagar Station

This station, also called Singapore Station, is the only Singaporean territory on the Murray Railway, and it is a wonderful station that is clean and well guarded, although not large. But because it is close to the borderA terribly complicated immigration procedureIt is also famous for often arresting out.

8.Birmingham New Street Station

Despite being the main station of the British railway network, it is striking the terrible number of customer satisfaction rate 52% by dark narrow buildings that were built in the 1960s and tickets that have not yet been automated. In 2008 it is decided to rebuild by government budget.

9. Shibuya Station

Although it is not limited to Shibuya, the dreadfulness of Tokyo's rush hour has become a story of foreign countries, such as most of the city's central lines exceeding the boarding rate of 200% during commuting time. Since 2004 the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and TransportComfort and safety evaluation indexWe are calling for off-peak commuting etc, but it seems that congestion is not easy to relax.

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