When USJ goes to a brain science survey, theme park, will "love" deepen?

USJ This Universal Studios Japan has launched a research team "Universal Studios Japan KIZUNA Labo" to scientifically investigate and verify the mechanism of deepening "bonds", which is a part of the brain's work after the theme park experience We announced the findings. According to the survey results, it seems to have been proved that "bonds" deepens when going to theme parks.

Details are as below.
According to the release of USJ, the experiences at the theme park revitalize the right brain and left brain, and the right brain that is responsible for emotion and emotion seems to be particularly activated.

Measure the blood volume of the brain by showing their pictures before and after the park experience for a total of 16 people, each consisting of three parents and three children, three friends of three women and two couples. Professor Yoshihiko Koga from Kyorin University School of Medicine said he commented that VAS to measure trust relationship etc was also done at the same time and the rate of ties built up increased.

Subjects undergoing experiments.

The pre / post comparison images of frontal lobe blood volume measured by optical topography are as follows. The experiment was to see the portrait projected on the screen with the projector and push the button when viewing the picture that included the person and the partner.

Shuffle person photos taken one by one and show them in combination order

Changes are getting bigger for family members and couples than for friends.

Comparison graph of blood volume by part of the brain.

When you show pictures taken by each group together

Family and couples change more than friends here.

Comparison graph of blood volume when the group showed pictures taken together.

The question of VAS looks something like this.

It seems that credibility and love have deepened as experimental results.

Also measure the degree of anxietySTAIAccording to the results of the survey, stress was greatly reduced.

STAI question example.

Experimental results of STAI. The degree of stress is manifest.

In addition to this,KIZUNA LabSo we are planning to provide "KIZUNABI Degree Diagnosis" etc. that will allow us to investigate how to deepen our bonds when entering USJ.

When going to a theme park, I think that there are situations where bonds are disconnected, such as getting tired of waiting time talks, but is it going well as Professor Koga does?

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